“Legacy: Women Poets of the Harlem Renaissance” by Nikki Grimes

I’m in love this this book. I am so excited to be afforded the opportunity to read an arc of “Legacy: Woman Poets of the Harlem Renaissance” from Children’s Legacy Medal Winner, Nikki Grimes

My only regret in reading this beautiful picture book is that it wasn’t created before my daughter grew up. I wish she could have gleaned this inspiration as she matured. I’m glad she will be able to share it with her daughter. 

This gorgeous collection includes poetry from, as the title states, the women poets of Harlem Renaissance. These pieces are shared alongside modernized adaptations from Grimes, who writes with the “The Golden Shovel” poetic method. She creates new poetry with words of the original poem to make an all-new work. Truly a fascinating method that will call for multiple reads! 

This book includes an introduction on Harlem Renaissance history and poetry form. It concludes with bios on the talented and educated women who authored this collection. It is told in 3 parts: “Heritage”, “Earth Mother”, and “Taking Notice”. 

Images in this collection are just breathtaking and add a whole new level to read. 

Publication date for this book is set for January 5, 2021. Add this to your tbr, you won’t regret it. I received an early release copy of this title from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The image displayed in this post is from an unedited copy of the collection. 

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One thought on ““Legacy: Women Poets of the Harlem Renaissance” by Nikki Grimes

  1. The Harlem Renaissance poets pop up in my curriculum, and what amazed me was the number who are known or believed to also have been gay. It’s a double whammy of diversity, which I love!

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