“The Haunted” & “The Unleashed” By Dianelle Vega

Sometimes You Need a Read that is just Chills and Thrills

The first book in this series didn’t “wow” me, to say the least. I only gave it two stars on Goodreads. However, I did find it interesting enough that when I heard there was a sequel I ordered the book. Now, The Unleashed scared the life out of me! Just 😳! Just Wow! Dang!

In my insta post I mention it is is like reading a horror movie. You know in a horror movie, there are several scary “night” scenes, broken up with scenes where the sun rises and things are less heart stopping? Then the movie builds to the finally terrifying scene. Well, this book is minus the sunrises. It is just non-stop horrifying moments until the final OMG culmination. Finally, it has an Epilogue that has me thinking there SURE BETTER BE THIRD BOOK!

If you love a good scare, then I recommend this book. Now, the question is should you skip the first one? No, I would read the first book, too. Even though it isn’t as scary, it does set up The Unleashed nicely. Also, to really understand Hendricks’s devotion to Eddie you will need the context of the first book. Think of it as the pilot of a series. Usually not the best episode but the story needs set up.

I recommend these books to fans of shows like Supernatural and Buffy the Vampier Slayer. What is your favorite scary read?



Sharing these because I found it fun to hear scary stories told by the author. I would love to hear her read The Unleashed.

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