Gardening is Awesome

Note: I was given an early release copy of this book on NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Any images or quotes are from an unedited copy.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to gardening. Included are important aspects that will help children trying to garden for the first time, or parents trying to work with young children to teach them about gardens. In addition, educational charts, definitions, and information about things from companion gardening to soil types are included. This is a full-fledged gardening how-to. Students can learn about growing food (vegetables and fruit) or flowers. Every page is filled with attractive, full-color images that only increase interest in the reading.

I would recommend this to book to families or librarians. Surely the pandemic inspired many to garden, I know did for our family. This book will help families grow fresh healthy foods well. Further, if a librarian is looking to start a gardening programs this would be a perfect book to combine with your program. We started a garden this year and did companion gardening. I wish we had this book for advice at the time.

The author of Gardening is Awesome is an actual farmer. According to the website, she owns and operates a dairy farm with her family in Wisconsin. She is the recipient of several awards from National Dairy Farmer of the Year to Wisconsin Library Association Outstanding Children’s Book 1996. She is the author of many books regarding farming and growing things.

One of my favorite memories is planting flowers or plants with my children. This book is a memory maker, highly recommend.

When we tried gardening


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