Hack Your Kitchen

Note: I was given an early release copy of this book on NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Any images or quotes are from an unedited copy.

Description: (from the publisher): ‘Young scientists will learn all about many different scientific principles and properties using everyday tools and ingredients from their own kitchens! Make a lemon volcano, flour craters, edible paper, and more with these hands-on science projects”.

This “cookbook” is filled with vibrant, colorful photographs and really cool looking recipes. The publisher notes the interest level as being grades 2-5, but I really think older students would enjoy these projects as well. It would be a perfect addition to a family library and should provide many fun and educational family days. It also works for libraries and definitely for library programers. The book states, “Scientists can work from home” (p. 4) and I love that this encourages children to try science and view themselves as capable. Everything you need to prepare is included, as the book explains, what you need to become a kitchen scientist. Some of my favorite “recipes” include: Lemon Volcano, Make a Slushy, and Rock Candy. These are just such interesting ideas to try at home, but also perfect for library programming. Check out the images from the book below.

According to her website, Niki Ahrens has worked in public education and holds a Masters of Education degree in Policy and Leadership Studies from the University of Washington. As well as, a Bachelor of Science in Teaching degree. She now is a certified Naturalist and author. Check out her engaging website for more information.


Glossary, activities, further reading, index, Page Plus, recipes, step-by-step instructions, and table of contents.

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