The Obsession

  • by Jesse Q Sutanto
  • Publisher: Sourcefire
  • Publication Date: February 2, 2021
  • Reading Age: 14- up
  • Grade Level: 8 – up
  • Genre: Mystery, YA Fiction, Suspense

Learn about Coercive Control

My Thoughts

Be prepared for confusion. 

If you are going into this read for scares and stalking, you may be disappointed. If you are going into expecting a really ironic take on the overused trope of the obsessed lover, you are going to really appreciate this book.

There are way too many books that glamorize the  completely infatuated guy who is just absolutely possessed with some girl. Women read these titles thinking it would be a dream relationship. It would be impossible to count  the books where some girl is forced to date or marry some guy against her will. But he's good and kind and will "wait" until she is ready.

He loves her. He must protect. No one can love her like he can. He needs her. She needs him. And people read these books like that is romance. Like that is healthy. It is not. The actual term for this type of relationship is "coercive control". It is a insidious form of abuse. 

This book turns the idea of the abused, vulnerable girl on its head. Definitely worth a read. 

This is something I really like about Sourcefire Books. They keep putting out works that will leave you thinking and often a bit shocked. Keep it coming. 

I was given an early release copy of this book from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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