Rachel’s Reading Playlist: “Daisy Jones and the Six”

Have you ever been reading and the book triggers memories of a specific song or musician?

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Reid Jenkins did that me. I listened to Fleetwood Mac so much while reading the book that my husband decided to “unfan” the group. Of course, it just made me love them- and especially Stevie Nicks- even more!

Daisy Jones and the Six book trailer

The book is all about performance. Performance in literature, music, on stage, in life, in text, and in art. The story is written as if it were scenes from a “Behind the Music”-type documentary. The reader’s work is cut out for them here. Unreliable narraters proliferate as characters dish the dirt. Of course, everyone remembers things a little differently, so the tale is a patchwork of P.O.V.s. This book ventures out of pure novel territory and into true, capital “L”, literature as identity, relationship, fame, gender, and memory are explored.

Why these songs?

Early in her life, Daisy Jones was gorgeous and could carry a tune. But she wanted to be an artist, not just a singer. Her road to artistry is filled with bumps, bruises, and broken hearts. This story explores what it means to be a woman. It interrogates the music industry where women have to work so much harder than men to be heard. It also explores the concept of fame, and what it means to share your life with the public. The darkness of addiction is here as well. The songs above reflect all these journeys. I also included groups or songs that author Taylor Jenkins Reid named as inspiration.

So what do you think?

“Yes, I’m writing abut famous people who are, supposedly elevated on a pedestal, but also everyone lives their life like they’re famous now”.

Taylor Jenkins Reid


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