Rachel’s Reading Playlist: Now Entering Addamsville

Laugh out Loud Funny, Quick Witted, and an Adventure-Packed Ending

This book is delightful, unique, and without a doubt deserves a playlist!

Every night Zora Novak goes out walking alone. People in her small town think they know what she is up to, that they have her figured out, but all is not what it seems-especially for Zora. The public sees a rebel, a trouble-maker, from a loser family. What they don’t see is a strong, caring female that sees ghosts and hunts fire-starters. Yeah, her town is haunted. But while everyone else attempts to capitalize on the ghosts, Zora is trying to prevent anyone else from dying. This book is filled with mystery and is the story of an underdog who must develop her own “Scooby Gang” to protect herself, her family, and her hometown.

So what do you think?


Zappia, F. (2019). Now entering Addamsville. Greenwillow Books.

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