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Rosetta Stone. (2021). Unit 1: Language Basics. [Screen shot]

Rosetta Stone Instructions

Rosetta Stone is a database provided by the Indiana State Library. To use this service:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Rosetta Stone
  3. The next screen instructs to “Select Resource”, Click Rosetta Stone Library Solution
  4. Create an account by entering your email and creating a password. Next, choose the language you would like to learn.
  5. With this service you can take On Demand Courses and Live Classes. You may Launch Rosetta Stone Foundations, generate reports on your progress, or if needed, contact support This service uses your device’s microphone in order to assess your pronunciation.
Sussman, S. (2019). French Revolution Images. Stanford Libraries.

French Revolution Images Directions:

This database includes restored images created during the Revolution. As stated on the site’s About page, “language really matters to the revolutionaries, the image-based record plays a significant role in helping researchers today understand the physical and intellectual universe of the Revolution”. (Sussman, 2019).

  1. The best way to begin navigating this site is to visit the About the Project Page this page offers a great deal of insight into the project.
  2. Also on this page is the option “How to Search This Collection” which directs how to use the database and what terms may be used in searches.
Mezzofaniti Guild (2020) Screen Shot

Mezzofani Guild Directions

This site is a community of language learners sharing their experiences. The Blog posts are full of ideas and resources that will help your new language journey. To Use this Site:

  1. Search Blog topics that are useful for French Language Learnings, posts like “Learning French? These 16 Channels will Help” or9 Great Podcasts to Help You Learn French in 2021″.
Pronunciator. (2021). Frankfort Community Public Library. [Screen Shot}

Pronunciatior Directions

Pronunciatior is supplied for Frankfort Community Public Library card holders. To use this service:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on e-Resources, and then Language Learning.
  3. Once brought to the page above you will need to create an account using your name, a password, and your library card.
  4. Like Rosetta Stone you may take live classes, on demand lessons, and basic courses. you can also plan a trip. Notably for this site the quizzes are a lot of fun and enjoyable to children and adults.

Verb2Verb. Abaisser. [Screen Shot]

Verb2Verb Instructions

An excellent way to study for French verb tests.

  1. For complete conjugations of any verb simply choose the verb you would like to study and you are given complete lists of conjugation.
  2. You can also create verb quizzes by choosing the verb/verbs you wish to study and how many times you want to be quizzed on them.
Louvre. (2021). Collection & Louvre Palace. [Screen Shot}

The Louvre Collection & Palace Directions

What better way to learn about France than by viewing Art at the Louvre, the former palace? To use this service:

  1. From the home page, click on “Collection & Louvre Palace“.
  2. From here you can choose which parts of the Louvre you want to virtually visit: Curatorial Departments, The Pavillion de l’Horloge, Study and Research, Search the Collection, Selected Works, History of the Louvre, Contemporary Art, the Tuileries and Carrousel Gardens, and the Louvre Conservation Center.
  3. Each page will give you places to explore like images of the Artwork, timelines, more databases, and even images of the gardens.

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