Diverse Reads

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The Zodiac Killer: Terror in California by Kate Rogers

This nonfiction reads like a True-Crime podcast, by that I mean, it is absolutely fascinating and engrossing. Just like that reactionary element that causes you to not look away from a wreck, you are not going to put this book down.

Brain Tools for Teens by Malin Gutestam

So how might teenagers and young adult conquer all their obligation in the healthiest way, both physically and mentally? One idea would be understanding how the teenage brain works, and how to best utilize that central unit.

“City of Villains” by Estelle Laure

Remember all those Disney princess movies you loved as a kid? Well, here is a whole new way to look at them. City of Villains is the first in a new series that has readers looking at Disney villains in a whole new way.


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