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Girl You Got a Ghost: New Episode!

Feeling brave? Check out our newest episode of Girl You Got a Ghost. This time we have a patron story AND a librarian story with some Stranger Things vibes. Do you have a story that will scare us? Send your haunting tales to girlyougotaghost@gmail.com. GYGAG is also available on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon podcasts.

Rachel’s Reading Playlist: We Are the Wildcats

The music in this playlist are all about what it means to be fierce, stubborn, strong, hard-working and talented. But, these songs also represent vulnerablity, flaws, and loyalty, just like the characters in this book.

Rachel’s Reading Playlist: Now Entering Addamsville

Every night Zora Novak goes out walking alone. People in her small town think they know what she is up to, that they have her figured out, but all is not what it seems-especially for Zora. The public sees a rebel, a trouble-maker, from a loser family. What they don’t see is a strong, caring female that sees ghosts and hunts fire-starters.

Rachel’s Reading Playlist: “Daisy Jones and the Six”

This story explores what it means to be a woman. It interrogates the music industry where women have to work so much harder than men to be heard. It also explores the concept of fame, and what it means to share your life with the public. The darkness of addiction is here as well. The songs above reflect all these journeys.


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