Emily Dickinson


  • Tile: Poems
  • Author: Emily Dickinson
  • Publication Date: 1890
  • Publisher: Boston, Roberts Brothers

Emily Dickinson lived the life of a true Romantic. As a young adult she rarely going out, spending her time at home, walking the land owned by her father, corresponding with a small number of friends, and writing poetry. She did not seek publication during her lifetime. But some of her poems were published before her death submitted without her permission. Upon her death, her family found a large manuscript of poetry that she had sewn together herself which were then published. She is now considered one of the greatest American poets of all time. Her work focuses on many Romantic themes: nature, death, morality, the soul, transcendentalism. Below is a slideshow of her poetry book published in 1890, but written throughout her life. (Source: archive.org, University of California Library). (Pictured above photo of Emily Dickinson and the Dickson family homestead. Source: The Emily Dickinson Museum)

The Emily Dickinson Museum located on her family homestead is dedicated to preserving her history and education. They hold several events, some of which are available for anyone to participate. For instance, #Emilytober was an held during October. The Museum shared daily writing prompts based on phrases from her writing. They are also working on a Replenishing the Shelves project with a goal of replacing the books that had been a part of the Dickinson family library during her lifetime. Visit their Education page for several resources created for teachers, colleges, and more. To see poems written in Emily Dickinson’s own hand visit Harvard University’s Houghton Library’s Digitized Emily Dickinson Collection

Emily Dickinson’s Black Cake Recipe Source: Harvard’s Houghton Library’s Digital Emily Dickinson Collection.
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