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La championne du fromage (Cheese Champion) – Revisited Duolingo French Podcast

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re revisiting a story by Virginie Dhorne – a French cheesemonger with a fierce competitive streak. Stick around until the end to hear what Virginie’s been up to since this episode first aired. A transcript of this episode is available at
  1. La championne du fromage (Cheese Champion) – Revisited
  2. 38 gamins (38 kids) – Revisited
  3. La reine du codage (The Coding Queen) – Revisited
  4. Rêves d’une karateka (Karate Dreams) – Revisited
  5. Trouver sa voix (Speaking Out) – Revisited

Play games, earn badges, and stories, Duolingo can be used with an account or without. Duolingo plus is available with a paid subscription. This service also offers apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

"Spleen" de Charles Baudelaire Easy French Poetry (French Today)

Ce poème est écrit en Alexandrins, donc le rythme est très important,…
  1. "Spleen" de Charles Baudelaire
  2. "Dans la Forêt Sans Heures" de Jules Supervielle
  3. "Les Colchiques" de Guillaume Appollinaire
  4. "L'Abeille" de Paul Valéry
  5. "À Une Passante" de Charles Baudelaire

210: ‘Que penses-tu de chatGPT? Faut-il en avoir peur?’ Learn French by Podcast

Since the launch of chatGPT in November 2022, everyone is talking about it. Some are in awe of its potential while others go so far as to say that it represents an existential threat. Let’s talk about this technological evolution in this lesson.
  1. 210: ‘Que penses-tu de chatGPT? Faut-il en avoir peur?’
  2. 209 : Vers une société sans argent liquide
  3. 208 : ‘Les garçons ne pleurent pas’
  4. 207: J'ai eu le covid.
  5. 206: De retour au bureau – à temps partiel

Play memory and language learning games on Conjeguemos with an account or as a guest. There are several languages available. To learn in French go to the top right hand corner and pull down the “Library” menu and choose French.

Learn French by Podcast

This podcast teaches conversational French in nice, short bits. Each episode features a conversation in French spoken by native French speakers. Next there is a translation, explantation, and the conversation is broken up so the learner may repeat the words themselves.

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