Welcome to our, “Let’s Learn French” pathfinder. Whether you are hoping to learn a new language, brush-up on past courses, or working on research it is our hope that this pathfinder will direct you to excellent resources. Specifically, this site is designed for students of all ages and is created by the Frankfort Community Public Library Teen Department. 


In building this pathfinder we sought resources that represent many different aspects of language learning including:

  • Native speakers
  • Natural converstatons
  • Glimpses into French history and culture


The videos shared may be captioned enabled in French or English for the hearing impaired. Most sites shared may be viewed in French or English and may be voice enabled for the visually impaired. Most resources, and this pathfinder itself, may be used on mobile devices such as your smart phone or tablet. Many items may be downloaded and used when wi-fi is not available. It is our hope that you you will find this pathfinder useful. Please be sure to message Rachel regarding any suggestions, comments, or requests at

La vie en rose”

-Edith Piaf

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