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According to Debra Reseigh Long, author and expert in bilingual education, “The importance of listening comprehension in the second language learning/teaching process has been firmly established” and “The first task in developing listening comprehension skills is putting them (students) at ease” (1987, p.921-922). The resources on this page allow you to hear French spoken naturally as you build a stronger vocabulary. These videos range in interest from children to adult, with selections of fairy tales, music, and more.

Even grown up should not pass these fairy tales by; we all love to be told stories. Plus, Listening to these familiar tales is a useful technique in learning a new language. Click on the bottom of the this video to turn on captions. Choose the settings icon to read captions in either English or French.

How well do your favorite actors speak French?

“La Vie En Rose” is beloved song among the French. Edith Piaf (1915-1963) led a difficult life throughout two World War. As a young woman during World War II she posed as a Nazi sympathizer to gain access to, and rescue, prisoners. (Brown, 2016)

Translated, “La Vie En Rose” means life in pink, but the song is a metaphor ‘life through rose colored glasses’. The song was written soon after WW2 and took on a great deal of meaning to people not just in France, but the U.S. as well. Many American artists covered the song and it’s peak reach on Billboard charts was at #23. (Pierre, 2020).

The Lyrics

In French

In English

(Pierre, 2020)

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