Why A.V.?

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We have curated several audio and visual media because learning a new language is enriched when we hear the words from native French speakers and see images that represent the French people and their culture. Indeed, this site recommends podcasts, videos, gaming, audiobooks, and e-books on various aspects of the language, history, and culture of France. This site is designed so that users may learn French at their own pace and without pressure.

A study on the effects of e-readers on student’s pleasure when reading found that, “..students who are reluctant to embrace leisure reading would become more engaged readers through the new use of new technology that is simultaneously audio- and text- capable” (Janson, 2019, p. 362). With this in mind, the curated resources are premium AV examples that will increase pleasure while learning.

Users will also be introduced to French language learning podcasts. Of podcasts Henning states, “One thing people most appreciate is the ability to learn something or be entertained during bits of time where its not convenient to watch videos or read” (p. 7). Our podcast recommendations have been carefully vetted and are among the most entertaining and educational.

Along with books, podcast, and videos this pathfinder recommends language gaming sites. Here you will find resources that award users with praise when correct answers are given and as continuing progress is made. This “gamification” is defined by PEW Research as, “interactive online design that plays on people’s competitive instincts and often incorporates the use of rewards to drive action” (2012). Also, noted is that “neuroscientists are discovering more and more about the ways in which humans react to such interactive design elements. They say… certain situations can improve learning (2012).” Not only do the games recommended here reward users, they also send reminders and progress report that stimulate further practice.

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